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All good things....

We are sad to say that we have decided to close BabyBranches. We have had to concede that we simply do not have the time, storage space, transports, or general resources that we need to keep going as we want to. And we don’t want to compromise or provide second-rate care.

We started BabyBranches to meet a very real need. Families and children were being forced to go without, and we could not stand by and watch that happen while we could do something about it. At that time we were the only babybank in the local area. Since then, we are happy to have watched another babybank – TippyToes – establish itself. Sadly the need for babybanks still exists, but it reassures us that Tippytoes is here to pick up where we leave off. Please make any future donations or referrals to them. They are doing a great job!

We are so proud of what we have achieved together in the 18 months. Over 200 deliveries to local families – cots, prams, high chairs, stair gates (so many stair gates!), moses baskets, clothes, toys, nappies, toiletries…. The list goes on and on.

We’ve met lots of amazing families who we’ve come to know and love; we met so many generous donors, and committed and hard-working professionals who go that extra mile; we’ve set up community groups; we’ve travelled every inch of Preston’s back roads and played complex games of “make it all fit in the car” tetris on dark and rainy nights; we’ve learned how to dismantle and reassemble every cot and pram ever made; we have achieved great things.

We’ve seen the very best in the people of Preston, and we thank you all.

With love

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