Tinies Christmas Wishes


In Christmas 2018, Baby Branches joined forces with Tinies Christmas Wishes to provide Christmas Eve packs for 129 children in Preston and the surrounding area. The campaign page is archived below.



Tinies Christmas Wishes and Baby Branches would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Christmas Eve campaign this year. Thanks to you, we collected 129 Christmas Eve packs which are currently being distributed in Preston and the surrounding areas.

42 of our Tinies packs in a micra

Bless you all.



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Christmas is fast approaching. It’s an exciting time for children and parents; the Christmas tree, Santa, Christmas dinner, lights and those new jammies on Christmas Eve. But sadly, this isn't the case for everyone. Hundreds of families across Lancashire will struggle to make ends meet this Christmas.


We have teamed up with Jen at Tinies Christmas Wishes to try and spread a little Christmas joy. We are asking you to make up Christmas Eve packs containing:

⭐️ A pair of Christmas PJ’s (We suggest passing on the ones your child has outgrown from last year).

⭐️ A story, sticker or activity book.

⭐️ A sweet treat (If the pack is for a small baby maybe pop in a chocolate or treat for mum or dad, perhaps with a Christmas card telling them they're doing a great job. If it’s a pack for an older baby things like rusks, wafers, baby biscuits or even one of the ‘Christmas dinner’ pouches of purée would be perfect).

Please package in a gift bag and clearly mark the gender and age of the pack on the tag or label.


Gift packs can be dropped off at any of the BabyBranches drop off points. If there is nowhere convenient close by, get in touch, we're sure we can sort something out!

Deadline is 10th December. That gives us two weeks to get the packs out to where they need to be?


And of course, if you wish to make any other donations at the same time, festive or not, they will of course be gratefully received :)