Published 16/12/18

The numbers are in and you guys have gone above and beyond! Tinies Christmas Wishes and BabyBranches have collected in


Christmas Eve packs. That's incredible :)  Distribution is well underway. 39 packs have gone out to children in the last 4 days. The rest will be going out this week at our foodbank events and via other contacts.


Special thanks to:

Jen, the mother of Tinies Christmas Wishes

Our donation centres at J'adore Mama, Monkey Magic, Morrisons Riversway

Ellie at Toddler Sense Preston

Baby Sensory Preston

Ali at Rhythm Time in Longridge and Garstang

Leyland St Marys Youth Group for making us their special project 

Magical story jars


And, of course ALL OF YOU. There's obviously been so much thought and care gone into these packs, and the attached messages are beautiful. I'm sure they are going to touch a lot of hearts. Bless you all.