Helping you help us :)
Published 17/11/18

Once again, we're overwhelmed by you. We've had people asking how they can help if they don't have children or their grown-out-of items to donate. So we've put our head together and come up with the following ideas:

 Of course the first thing we need is baby items to redistribute. If you don't have pre-loved items to donate, we love donations of nappies and baby wipes.

And then there's our Tinies Christmas Wishes campaign. We're asking you to put together Christmas Eve packs (containing Christmas pyjamas, a story book and a sweet treat) which we will give out to children in need to spread a little Christmas joy.

Realistically, financial donations are also important and a valued way that people can help us. You can donate via PayPal on this link or by our QR code

If you're doing a sponsored event, and looking for a charity to support, please consider BabyBranches. We'd be honoured to help publicise you and support you!

What's also important is advertising BabyBranches; spreading the word to everyone you know, both those who can support us and those we can support. Tell your family, friends, neighbours, schools, health visitors, midwives, doctors, community centres, baby groups, lady at the corner shop, even your cat. If you're able to put up our posters in your local area that would be great. You can print them out or we can send you copies if you get in touch.

BB collection poster  Tinies Christmas Wishes poster

All this information is now on the donation page, in case you need it in future.