All clear for Christmas
Published 28/11/18

So December is nearly here. This is about the point when I realise I can't put it off anymore, it's time to start getting ready for Christmas.

I don't know about you, but one of my Christmas jobs (alongside sweeping the chimney, digging up the carrots, and hiding the sherry where the guy in the red suit can't find it) is clearing out the kids bedrooms to get rid of all the things they've outgrown before Christmas day arrives.

We at BabyBranches want to support you through this time of clearing. We would love to take any plastic educational toys, baby walkers, play mats, bouncers, clothes,  unicorns, and any age-appropriate books you no longer need off your hands and get them into the hands of our donees. Once again, these are for children from babies to age 5. So please consider us when you're making your clearouts 

We also have a specific request this time. We are in contact with a family with twins who need two cots. If any of your babies are moving up into big beds this Christmas, please consider us for their old cots.

Can anyone donate a couple of these?

Merry Christmas!