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Published 01/11/18

There was a heart-breaking documentary about babybanks on TV this week (Dispatches - Born on the Breadline)

We already knew family poverty was a massive problem, with too many children being forced to do without, but this documentary has really hammered that home.

- There are now over 100 babybanks in the UK

- Almost all of them have appeared since 2010 when austerity really hit.

- 1 in every 100 families with young families are becoming reliant on babybanks

- 1 in 5 referrals are from working families

- Referrals have increased by 500% in the last 5 years

Stories like this “I had to prioritise food on the table over clothes and I try not to spend more than £10 a week on food,” bring me to tears. It makes me sick that parents are being forced to choose between nappies or electricity. But it makes me so determined to do everything we can.

Watch the documentary for more information. And please spread the word about BabyBranches. Tell your friends, families and colleagues about us to get donations flying in. Tell your health visitors, midwives, and Childrens Centre staff about us to encourage them to use the service. We need to get BabyBranches out there and working for as many people as we can.

“Everybody needs help every now and again”. We are that help.