Baby Branches need You!
Published 17/03/19

Baby Branches need you!

You might have seen our donation stations out and about. We've got four in place already. Now we're looking to expand our family so we're looking for volunteers to adopt a donation station.


As a volunteer, we'll ask you to:

point identify a location you think would be useful. We'll contact business owners to try and site a box there

point check the box regularly and collect any donated items

point sort through the donations to remove any unsuitable items

point deliver to BabyBranches HQ or arrange for us to collect from you on a monthly basis

point and the most difficult part….. you have to come up for a name for your donation station

You'll need to be a car driver, have a clean secure space where you can temporarily store donations, and be able to commit to checking and emptying your donation station at least once a week. This is a voluntary thing, so unfortunately we can't offer to pay expenses. But we offer you all the love and thanks we have!


This month we'd like someone to adopt our donation station at J'adore Mama in Lytham. This box is well established and gets filled up to overflowing at least every couple of weeks.

We'd also like to establish a new donation station in the north / east end of Preston.

If that all goes well, we'll step it up next month and make some more babies!


Please get in touch if you think you can help