Pretty in Print
Published 14/08/18

We've a few things to update you with this week.

DISTRIBUTIONS - We've spend the last couple of weeks setting up links with local Women's Refuges and YouthWorker charities. This will allow us to start getting the items you're donating to the women and families who need them. It's great to finally be getting the distribution part of BabyBranches into action.

PRETTY IN PRINT - Our posters are back from the printers. We are getting them out and about. Look out for them in a place near you, and point them out to all your friends :) If you are able to help us, by putting them up in places they'll attract interest, please contact us and we'll post some out to you.

LINKS IN NURSERIES - We're starting to make links with local nurseries - both as a place to collect donations and to raise awareness of BabyBranches in general. Thanks to Tinkerbells Nursery who have been very supportive. We think nurseries are great places to be involved with, so once again we're asking for your help. If you have links with local nurseries and feel BabyBranches could get involved there (for example with a donation station or a spot in the newsletter to raise awareness) please get in touch.

SUPER SANITARIES - We've had a good response to the SuperSanitaries blog. We've had pads, towels, nappies, baby shampoo and swim nappies. So thank you everyone. Keep them coming.

AND IT'S NOT JUST THAT - We've also had an amazing set of donations from our friend Abi who's been collecting from her Brownie group on our behalf. Thanks Abi!