Super Sanitaries
Published 05/08/18

We're happy to say we've received a lot of baby clothes in the past month. And we've been showing them off in our blog and facebook feed, because some of them are super cute and we all like a nice picture, right?

But it isn't all about the cute things. At the bottom of some of the bags and boxes we've found the odd nappy, a breast pad or two, or an unwanted maternity sanitary towel. (All unused of course).

Not as exciting but still valuable sanitary donations

Which brought home that these things are just as essential. For a family without much money, a £4 pack of nappies is a big deal.

So if you have a half pack of outgrown nappies stuck in the back of a drawer, or a handful of breast pads at the back of your bathroom cabinet that you don't need anymore, please donate them to us. Someone once said “Every little helps”. And it does.